Hunter’s Grub

    • Favorites

      All of Hunter’s Grub is served with your choice of fries, two baked potatoes, a mountain of mashed potatoes or a mound of rice. Add All-You-Can-Eat Soup and Salad bar for $3.99.

    • The Belt Buster Beef Sandwich


      Two thick ground sirloin patties served open faced, smothered with onions and our house gravy on thick French bread.

    • Pulled Pork Sammich


      Smoky BBQ piled on a kaiser. Extra napkins served with this Man-wich.

    • Chicken Strips

      A trailer park favourite. A healthy portion of breaded chicken tenders baked to a golden brown.  Served with plum sauce for dipping.

      Five – 14.99      Three – 12.59

    • Hot Turkey Sandwich


      Roasted turkey covered in turkey gravy, open faced with peas.

    • Classic Pub Steak


      6 oz. sirloin covered in our peppercorn gravy and cooked the way you like it.

    • Chicken Quesadilla


      Chicken breast, cheese, tomato and green onion.

    • That’s a Wrap

    • That’s a Wrap


      Looking for a lighter fare? Try out salad wrap. Your choice of Chef, Greek, House or Caesar nestled in a wrap.

      Add Chicken – 2.99

    • BBQ Sirloin Wrap


      Giggity-giggity BBQ! 5 oz. Sirloin simmered with our chef’s simple, yet secret BBQ sauce. Accompanied with cheese, onions, peppers and mushrooms.

    • Specialties

    • Fries with the Works

      A mammoth helping of fries smothered in hamburger, peas, onions, mushrooms and gravy. Add a jolly guy in a red suit and you’ve got Christmas.

      Regular Size $10.99   Hunter’s Size $14.59

    • English Style Fish & Chips


      We use Rickard’s Red Ale in our Batter… need we say more?

    • Turkey Bacon Clubhouse


      No great pub is complete without a classic clubhouse. Layers of roasted turkey, bacon, crisp lettuce, tomatoes and mayo stacked on thick French bread.

    • Poutine

      We use real cheese curds and really rich gravy. Psstt…check our our Poutinerie!

      Regular Size $9.69   Hunter’s Size $12.69

    • Chicken Curry Fries

      Put that bus in “park” and get ready for a feast! So saucy!

      Regular Size $10.99   Hunter’s Size $13.99

    • Open Faced Steak Sandwich


      6 oz. sirloin smothered in fried onions and served on garlic toast.

    • Lobster Clubhouse

      Market Price

      Akin to the Island, we substitute lobster for the turkey. (Seasonal)

    • Lobster Roll (Seasonal)

      An Island tradition, served with choice of side.

      *Market price

    • Lighter Side

    • GF Baked Greek Nachos

      We take baked nacho chips and add what you would normally find on a Greek salad. A little less fattening, a lot better tasting!

      Regular Size $14.99  Hunter’s Size $19.99

    • The PEI Potato Burger


      You haven’t been to PEI until you’ve tried this puppy! This vegetarian’s delight has become as popular as Anne herself! Served with your choice of Caesar or garden salad.

    • GF Chicken Flatbread


      Tender sliced chicken breast, feta cheese, tomato, onion and green pepper with our homemade spread

    • The Ultimate Veggie Burger


      You don’t eat meat eh? Well order this ya wascally wabbit!

    • GF Veggie Stir Fry

      A mound of white rice covered with a generous portion of fresh veggies and your choice of sauce!

      Regular Size – 12.69   Hunter’s Size – 15.69

      Add chicken – 4.29

    • Burger Pit

      Additional Patty – 2.70       Add Cheese, Bacon or Mushrooms – 1.70 each

    • Ale House Burger


      A 7 oz. pure ground sirloin patty, dressed any way you like it and served on a kaiser roll with fried onions.

    • The Three X Triple Bacon Cheeseburger


      Three patties of pure ground top sirloin topped with cheddar cheese and bacon. You’ll need two hands to pick it up!

    • Chicken Burger


      Have this one your way, BBQ, Blackened or Grilled. Served on a kaiser roll and topped with tomatoes, crisp lettuce and mayo.

    • Louisiana Fire Chicken Sandwich


      Chipotle mayo and jalapenos on a battered and deep fried chicken breast – make you spit fire!

    • King of the Corner Burger Challenge


      This BIG BOY consists of eight 7oz patties (3.5lbs) with cheese & bacon, stack so high you’ll never eat it all, but IF YOU DO, we will buy it AND give you a Hunter’s Corner shirt! This platter comes with coleslaw and French fries – your choice of original or hand cut.


      Our “King of the Corner” is available seven days a week, from 11 a.m. until 1 a.m.



      • This $39.99 platter is an eat-in only special.
      • You have a half hour to finish.
      • You must eat the burger AND the side to be considered complete.
      • There is no requirement to order ahead of time. (**Note: should you decide to try the challenge with friends (multiple platters) it is recommended to call ahead to give our kitchen staff time to grill all those patties. Thanks in advance!)

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