Main Event

    • Main Event

      Main Event dishes are meals themselves, no sides are served with these. Includes Hunter's all-you-can-eat soup and salad bar.

    • Taste of Italy

      A generous potion of penne tossed with veggies and covered with your choice of Carbonara or Rose sauce.

      Regular Size $13.69   Hunter’s Size $17.69

      Add chicken – 4.29

    • GF Massive Veggie Stirfry

      A heaping bowl of rice topped with fresh cut veggies.

      Regular Size $12.69   Hunter’s Size $15.69

      Add sliced seasoned chicken - 4.29

      Add Sliced Marinated Sirloin - 4.29

    • Chicken Curry Pasta

      If you like curry you’ll love this baby! Linguine, chicken and veggies in a mild Alfredo curry sauce will have you wanting more.

      Regular Size $15.69   Hunter’s Size $19.69

    • Butter Chicken


      Sliced grilled chicken breast smothered in a creamy butter chicken sauce served with French fries.

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