• Poutinerie

      Hunter's heaping bowls of poutine include your choice of hand cut or classic fries, real Quebec style cheese curds and famous rich gravy.

    • Pepper Chicken Poutine

      Mushrooms, onions and peppercorn chicken.

      Regular Size $11.69    Hunter’s Size $15.69

    • Chicken Curry Poutine

      Our famous chicken curry sauce.

      Regular Size $11.69   Hunter’s Size $15.69

    • Nacho Poutine

      Tomato, onion, black olive, jalapenos, sour cream and salsa

      Regular Size $11.69    Hunter’s Size $15.69

    • Hot Turkey Poutine

      Roasted turkey, cheese curds and gravy.

      Regular Size $11.69    Hunter’s Size $15.69

    • Bacon Cheeseburger Poutine

      Bacon, Hamburger, mushrooms and onions.

      Regular Size $11.69    Hunter’s Size $15.69

    • Black Bean Poutine

      Brazilian Black Bean Burger

      Regular Size $10.69    Hunter’s Size $14.69

    • Taco Poutine

      Mexican beef, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes and salsa.

      Regular Size $11.69    Hunter’s Size $15.69

    • Pulled Pork Poutine

      Succulent pulled pork.

      Regular Size $11.69    Hunter’s Size $15.69

    • Bacon & Pork Poutine

      Bacon and succulent pulled pork.

      Regular size $12.29     Hunter’s size $16.29

    • Kraft Dinner Poutine

      KD over Poutine.

      Regular Size $11.69    Hunter’s Size $15.69

    • Chicken Parmesan Poutine

      Breaded chicken breast with parmesan and tomato sauce.

      Regular Size $12.29    Hunter’s Size $16.19

    • Peppered Beef Poutine

      Sirloin, mushrooms, onions and peppercorns.

      Regular Size $12.29   Hunter’s Size $15.69

    • Lobster Poutine

      Market Price

      Daring? Try this you’ll be the only one you know who has! (Seasonal)

    • Bacon & Pork Poutine

      Bacon and succulent pulled pork

      Regular Size $12.29   Hunter’s Size $16.29

    • The Tub Tub Poutine

      Buffalo chicken fingers, green onions and ranch dressing

      Regular Size $12.29  Hunter’s Size $16.19

    • The Steak Pot Pie Poutine

      Grilled sirloin, onions, stuffing, peas

      Regular Size $12.29   Hunter’s Size $16.19

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