Really. Big. Salads

    • Really. Big. Salads

      Add chicken to any of our salads for $4.29

    • Seafood Chowder

      Lookin’ for the best? This chowder is a local legend!

      Regular Size $11.69   Hunter’s Size $14.69

    • Soup du Jour

      Our chef’s daily adventure into the world of odds and ends.

      Regular Size $6.69    Hunter’s Size $9.69

    • French Onion Soup


      Our perfect blend of cheeses baked to a golden brown atop French bread sealing in the piping hot onion filled broth.

    • Mandarin Chicken Salad

      Crisp romaine topped with fresh garden vegetables, mandarin oranges and sliced marinated grilled chicken.

      Regular Size $10.69    Hunter’s Size $14.69

    • Greek Salad

      An extra large spin on a tasty tradition.

      Regular Size $9.69    Hunter’s Size $12.69

    • Hail Caesar

      Julius himself would have to loosen his toga after this feast.

      Regular Size $9.69    Hunter’s Size $12.69

    • Dwelling Salad

      Crisp romaine topped with garden fresh vegetables.

      Regular Size $8.69    Hunter’s Size $11.69

    • Chef Salad

      A massive fusion of veggies and meat collide in this creation.

      Regular Size $11.69    Hunter’s Size $14.69

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