• Combinations

      For the really hungry folks in the crowd! Served with all you can eat soup and salad bar, your choice of fries, two baked potatoes or a mound of rice and vegetables.

    • The Andrew Rollins


      Hunter's yummy club sandwich with an order of deep fried pickles.
      **Our Andrew Rollins hosts "Name that Tune Trivia" here every Sunday night!

    • The Fisherman's Feast


      Hunter's famous potion of fish and chips accompanied with a mound of breaded scallops. It's a seafood frenzy you won't want to miss.

    • The Beachcomber


      Relic likes this pan fried haddock in a dill sauce with breaded Atlantic scallops. You watch out for Nick Adonis!

    • The Barber


      A grilled BBQ chicken breast, half a rack of BBQ baby back ribs and an 8 oz. sirloin grilled the way you like it.

    • The David Hasselhoff


      An 8 oz. grilled sirloin and a healthy portion of breaded "get out of the water" Atlantic Scallops. Can you SCOFF THE HOFF?

    • The Jughead Jones


      Hunter's Ale House double burger served with three golden chicken strips.

    • The Chris Gaines


      A breaded chicken breast smothered in zesty marinara sauce and topped with parmesan cheese paired with baby back ribs. We hope that it sells better than his album!

    • The Fred Flintstone


      An 8 oz. grilled sirloin grilled the way you like it and a half rack of BBQ baby back ribs.

    • The Darcy Campbell


      An 8 oz. sirloin grilled the way you like it paired with a 6 oz. salmon fillet topped with fried onions.