• Appetizers

    • Perogies


      A basket full of these beauties are perfect for sharing!

    • Sweet Potato Fries

      Where were these puppies 10 years ago? A large basket with Factory Cookhouse Creamy BBQ Sauce for dipping!

      Junior Size $7.99

      Regular Size: $9.99

      Hunter's Size: $11.99

    • Gang Platter


      A sampling of our Wings, Nachos, Cardiac Slices, Chicken Strips, Mozza Sticks and Onion Rings. Sorry, no substitutions.

    • Cardiac Slices


      Deep fried slices of spicy pepperoni served with honey mustard for dipping.

      Warning: This will increase your cholesterol.

    • Wings

      People love their wings, we love ours and we think you will too.

      3 lbs. -$ 29.99

      2 lbs. - $20.99

      1 lb. - $11.99

      Pick your poison: Hot, BBQ, Sriracha, Honey Garlic, Mild, Teriyaki, Thai, Dill Pickle

    • Potato Skins


      The diet craze is over, so let's go carb crazy! Have our skins and put on a pound!

    • Steak Cut Onion Rings


      What else can we say? Thicker, bigger, better.

    • Donair Eggrolls


      6 of these tasty treats, deep fried and served with donair sauce

    • Cajun Chicken Potato Skins


      Loaded with Cajun chicken and served with Factory Cookhouse signature BBQ sauce for dipping!

    • Mozza Sticks


      Eight of these tasty treats.

    • Island Mussels

      The Island's finest simmered in a garlic and white wine sauce. Served with Melted garlic butter.

      1 lb - $11.99

      1.5 lb - $14.99

    • Deep Fried Dill Pickles


      Thick cut dill pickle spears, breaded and deep fried to a golden brown. Served with honey mustard for dipping. Pucker up, enjoy and repeat!

    • Queso Fundido


      Creamy and spicy cheddar mozza dip with black beans, tomatoes, onions and green peppers.

      Served with tortilla chips and great for sharing.